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Prescribed burning resources for agricultural landowners and land managers

Grasslands of the Canadian Prairie provinces and U.S. Plains states have a history of management by Indigenous peoples. One of primary management tools used by Indigenous peoples is cultural burning. Cultural burning can promote the growth of economically useful plant species, improve fodder for game species, and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires (Roos etContinue reading “Prescribed burning resources for agricultural landowners and land managers”

Web-based Mapping Platforms

PC-based Geographic Information System (GIS) software is the most robust tool available for compiling, analyzing, and representing geospatial data. The leading commercial GIS package, ArcGIS, enjoys broad use and specialized extensions. Similarly, QGIS is one of the most widely used open-source GIS packages and has many similar capabilities as ArcGIS. ArcGIS only runs on WindowsContinue reading “Web-based Mapping Platforms”

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