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Field Boundary Habitat

Field Boundary Habitat (FBH) refers to areas of agricultural fields that are not farmed for a variety of reasons, including poorly drained soils, sodic soils, thin or rocky soils, steep slopes, or the presence of heavy tree cover. Small areas devoted to windbreaks, fencelines, terraces, waterways, stream buffers, or permanently retired headlands can also beContinue reading “Field Boundary Habitat”

Carbon Sequestration and Agricultural Landscapes

Carbon sequestration in agricultural landscapes is a promising climate change solution. BUT there are significant challenges for implementing carbon sequestration projects in production agriculture contexts, according to the World Bank. The Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) MRV Sourcebook for Agricultural Landscapes lays out these challenges in detail. Is carbon sequestration in agricultural landscapes a viable climateContinue reading “Carbon Sequestration and Agricultural Landscapes”

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